Take a look at the
RDS-Shield’s interface.

If you’re tired of products that have a thousand options and endless documentation, this is for you !

The main screen

Six buttons only to shield your server.
Even if you are a Padawan, you will quickly understand and impress your customers.
Publish a full Desktop for users is no longer a problem, because a
ll small doors are closed with a single click..

One-click to Secure Desktop

For all users of a group, or user by user, you choose the security level of the Desktop environment and you see dynamically the result in an open session. Try, do it. Create a test account, launch RDS-Shield, open One-click window, select the test user account and apply a Security Level. Connect on the user account, the profile will be created and rules applyed. In your admin session, move the cursor on other Security Level and apply. Go back to the user session and see dynamicaly the differences. Make a tour of the Desktop, you will be surprised.

Advanced Security Preferences

Here, you see the details of the security level that you choose in the previous window, and you can be more accurate. In background, RDS-Shield work on more than 300 Registry’s keys. Hide drives and completly deny access of them or prohibit applications no need a Microsoft Certification.
If you’re DevOps, all settings are stored in .ini files. You’ll be able to modify them and also to add your keys. Interested ?

System Security Baseline

You want to disable IPv6 or remove Explorer’s ribbon ? Easy.
You want to store profiles folders on D: and no more on System drive ? Easy.
You want to customize a profile and say “now is the Default profile for new accounts” ? To much easy.
You want that your users can’t download Chrome and install it because they don’t like IE, or  download Total Commander because they are curious ? Easy.
Easy because you have just to click “Apply it now !” and RDS-Shield do it.

Homeland Access Shield

228 countries are presents in this list. But only users in the allowed countries will be able to log in on your Remote Desktop Server. Behind, any connection on RDS port is verified. RDS-Shield request dynamicaly Whois databases to know the country of user’s computer IP.  If you’re not in the good place, you’re not welcome, and the communication is immediately switched off, even before the identification dialog is displayed.

Working Hours Restriction

Your Remote Desktop Server is in a datacenter in Montreal ? Isn’t a big deal to set restriction for users working in New York. But for peoples living in Melbourne ? RDS-Shield manage user’s Time Zone and include the complete Olson Database. You have just to choose the right city in the list. Also note that with RDS-Shield, unlike Windows, you do not need an AD to do this.

Brute-Force Attack Defender

Each second, one or more robots are trying to log on. RDS-Shield have an Intrusion Detection System that log and block address IP of the incoming hackers attempts.


What you don’t need anymore?

You don’t need more google your securities problems, read a lot of forums answers, open and put your hands in GPO or in Registry database. Make a test, and again. Look at for a script to automize this actions and no forgot to write the manipulation in a corner to remember what you did for the next time.


What do you dramaticaly decrease?

You go to dramaticaly decrease the famous 4625 Event’s ID of the security Windows log. It’s the audit failure of a logon attempt. 10,000 events in one week on our fresh installed test’s Windows 2012.
Setting RDS-Shield, you’ll get out lamers playing with Cain & Abel.

Sorry, don’t expect a version for Linux or MacOS.

RDS-Shield is working on Windows 2008R2, Windows 2012 and 2012R2, Windows 2016, in workgroup or domain, behind a Cisco or in DMZ, with VM or hardware. Have it in OVH rented server is very fun.




“RDS-Shield isn’t a simple Tweaker or an Intrusion Detection System. It’s the software that will change your relationship with your Remote Desktop Server and with your customers.”

RDS-Shield’s Team

Ready to drive more Security Rules in few simples clicks?

Really, with RDS-Shield you have the easyest solution to increase dramaticaly the Security of your Remote Desktop Server. You don't have 15 minutes to discover it ? Seriously, take your watch and try RDS-Shield.