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For 280 € or 299 $ per server, buy a licence that give you a solution to protect your Remote Desktop Server.

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RDS-Shield is available only for professionals. If you are in the European Union, you must provide an intra-Community VAT number.

Si vous résidez en France, le prix affiché est HT. La TVA s’appliquera à votre commande.

Pay in Euro : 280 €

Pay in US Dollar : 299 $

After your purchase, you will receive an email with your licence number to activate RDS-Shield on your server.

Also you will receive an invoice for your puchase. If you not receive anything after 24 hours, please contact-us.

Ready to drive more Security Rules in few simples clicks?

Really, with RDS-Shield you have the easyest solution to increase dramaticaly the Security of your Remote Desktop Server. You don't have 15 minutes to discover it ? Seriously, take your watch and try RDS-Shield.

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With RDS-Shield it’s possible to protect and secure a Remote Desktop Server in few clicks.

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Commented by Sally Leung, CEO of AADS Worlwide.

Prevent Remote Desktop Hacking on Your Network

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